Youth attaching more priority to buying screen guard for cellphone than a helmet, says transport official in Anantapur


People in general, and most youngsters in particular, seem to attach more importance for purchasing a screen guard for their smart phones than for their lives as is evident from their reluctance to buy a helmet and wear it while riding a vehicle, says Anantapur Deputy Transport Commissioner N. Sivarama Prasad.

“Most youth have the bad habit of riding a two-wheeler while holding a cellphone in one hand, or between their ear and shoulder, which is nothing but inviting danger,” Mr. Sivarama Prasad told The Hindu.

“We have launched a drive to book cases against such persons and other violators of traffic rules, and heavy penalties are being levied. Cases will also be registered against the auto-rickshaw drivers if they overload the vehicle, or abstain from paying taxes or obtaining fitness certificate,” he warned.

“It is unfortunate that despite receiving financial assistance from the government, auto-rickshaw drivers and owners are not adhering to MVA rules ”N. Sivarama Prasad.Anantapur Deputy Transport Commissioner

“It is unfortunate that though the auto-rickshaw drivers and owners are receiving ₹10,000 per year as assistance from the State government, they are not adhering to the MVA rules,” Mr. Sivarama Prasad observed.

New test track

The RTA also proposes to conduct an awareness programme for owners of driving schools and trainers on the new automated LLR / Driving License Test Track behaviour, and how those wishing to give a test need to keep track of the several signals and sensors that record their driving.

A new test track inaugurated last month is one of the nine such facilities planned across the State, where human intervention is obviated.

“We are sensitising those coming for LLR test about the new system 15 minutes before they take the examination. As the new system has not been fully stabilised, we are not depending on it completely,” he said.


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