Speed of Vande Bharat will be increased, say railway officials


Many had taken to social media stating that the travel time of Vande Bharat is almost similar to that of Shatabdi

Many had taken to social media stating that the travel time of Vande Bharat is almost similar to that of Shatabdi

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off South India’s first Vande Bharat Express between Chennai and Mysuru via Bengaluru on November 11, many people put up posts on social media, drawing a comparison between Vande Bharat and the currently operational Shatabdi services.

Many are not impressed with the fact that travel time of the newly launched Vande Bharat is almost similar to that of Shatabdi. From Chennai to Mysuru Vande Bharat takes 390 minutes, whereas Shatabdi takes 420 minutes. In the return direction, the Vande Bharat takes 385 minutes and Shatabdi 435 minutes.

A regular passenger Surendran C. said, “Vande Bharat trains have been receiving hype ever since it was launched. Contrary to claims made about the speed at which this new train could be operated, its travel time and that of Shatabdi is almost the same. Passengers are paying more for Vande Bharat.”

More comfort, amenities

Rail activist Mr. Sanjeev Dyamannavar said, “Thousands of people travel every day between Bengaluru and Chennai. Vande Bharat provides a more comfortable travel experience than Shatabdi. There are people who are ready to pay more for the comfort and better amenities. The Railways should also explore the possibility of reducing the travel time in the coming days, and change the schedule as per the requirement of the general public.”

Increasing speed

A senior official of the South Western Railway said, “Available infrastructure allows Vande Bharat trains to be operated 30 to 40 minutes faster than Shatabdi. The topography of this region is different compared to the northern parts of the country. Bengaluru is located over 900 m above sea level. There are many curves on this section.”

However, the official said there is scope to increase the speed in coming days as there are plans to increase sectional speed by upgrading the track. “Between Bengaluru and Chennai, trains can be operated at maximum speed of 110 kmph and there is a plan to increase it up to 130 kmph in coming days. The Bengaluru to Mysuru line will be increased from 100 kmph to 110 kmph. Once this is done, the running time of Vande Bharat will come down.”

Another official said Vande Bharat is more comfortable than Shatabdi, “Although, both trains are running on the same route, the need fulfilled is not merely of transportation, but an aspirational need of the new generation of passengers to have a memorable, luxurious, and comfortable travel experience.”

The official said that the SWR is open to the suggestion of general public to revisit schedule.

First run gets good response

For the first service, which was operated from Chennai to Mysuru on November 12, as many as 97% of tickets for executive class and 73% of AC chair car were booked at the originating point, said an official.

In the return direction, from Mysuru, 89% of the executive class and 73% AC chair car were booked at the originating point.

The seating capacity of the train is 1,128.

The train leaves Chennai at 5.50 a.m., reaches Bengaluru at 10.20 a.m, and Mysuru at 12.20 p.m.

In the return direction, the train leaves Mysuru at 1.05 p.m., reaches Bengaluru at 3 p.m., and the final destination of Chennai at 7.30 p.m.

The fare from Chennai to Mysuru is ₹1,200 for chair car, and ₹2,295 for executive class.

From Mysuru to Chennai, it’s ₹1,365 for chair car and ₹2,485 for executive class.

No concession and child fare will be applicable in Vande Bharat.


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