Senior citizens have a unique Children’s Day in Bengaluru


On Monday, Children’s Day, Manipal Hospital organised a ‘grown-up children’s day’ for the elderly to be a child again.

The event involved physical activities, such as throw the ball and blow up the balloon, and memory games like talent recognition and facial recognition of movie stars and it also involved digital sessions on how to use phone during emergency. The event was attended by more than 100 senior citizens, who were from 65 years to 90 years old.

The event emphasised on how to sensitise the younger population to provide love and care to their aging parents. As people age, changes occur both mentally and physically. Mild physical activity along with emotional connection by the family members such as daily conversations and spending time with aging parents can help their mental health as well.

Speaking during the event, Karthik Rajagopal, COO of Manipal Hospitals, said, “As people cross 65 years of age, the bodily system – both mental and physical declines. A portion of brain shrinks, mostly the frontal lobe and a part of limbic system, which is located in the brain stem. As a result, there is a mild disruption of a person’s ability to perform daily tasks. Ageing is inevitable. However, constant bodily movement, brain activity, a balanced diet and emotional support from family is needed”.

P.D. Shenoy, retired bureaucrat, 78, said the programme made all senior citizen forget their age for two hours. “I felt homely here and it reminded me of my childhood days while playing with my friends was awesome and this event today enabled us to improve memory skill and build confidence”.

Mahindra Kumar, 80, a retired bank manager, said the younger generation should understand that one fine day, everyone gets old. “We have to learn to treat old people like children so that their children one day treat them good,” he said.


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