‘Religious conflict and caste system main reasons for the West to see India as a backward nation’


The former judge of the Supreme Court V. Gopal Gowda and Sri Panditaradhya Shivacharya Swami, among others, releasing Sarva Dharma Sara during an all-religion conference in Hubballi.

The former judge of the Supreme Court V. Gopal Gowda and Sri Panditaradhya Shivacharya Swami, among others, releasing Sarva Dharma Sara during an all-religion conference in Hubballi.
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The former Judge of Supreme Court of India V. Gopal Gowda has said that conflict between various religions and caste system are the prime reasons for Western countries considering India as a backward nation, despite it [India] being culturally rich and having abundant resources.

Presiding over the Sarva Dharma Samabhava Sammelana organised by Bharat Ekata Vedike in Hubballi recently, he said that India has fertile land, large tracts of forests, a long coastline, abundant resources, eminent scientists, scholars, writers, intelligent manpower, a great Constitution and spiritual tradition. However, because of the behaviour of only some people, the country still carries the tag of being backward.

Mr. Gopal Gowda said that religion and castes are building walls among people. Consequently, this has led to degeneration of human and moral values resulting in barbaric acts by a few. “Even after 75 years of Independence, women are not getting property rights. Untouchability is still prevalent in villages. Only when people of all faiths express solidarity, brotherhood and live harmoniously, such social maladies will be cured,” he said.

Sri Panditaradhya Shivacharya Swami of Taralabalu Mutt of Sanehalli said that there is a need to break the walls that have been built among people for various reasons. “Only when hatred is burnt, India will become a peaceful land of all communities. If we only make speeches on equality and still distinguish between people based on caste and religion, it will be no of use,” he said.

Inaugurating the conference, senior journalist Mallikarjun Siddannavar said that India was founded and grown on the principle of eating together and living together. However, politics, selfishness and superiority complex have resulted in dividing everything and distancing people who have lived together for centuries, he said and added that the message of unity and brotherhood is the only solution to the malady.

Kanthapalli Sameeranacharya of Veda Peetha, Hubballi, said that irrespective of religion and caste, everyone’s blood is of the same colour and they all breathed the same air. Money and property are of now use when one is affected by age and illness. It is only humanity and love that come to one’s help during old age and illness, he said.

Making the introductory remarks, senior journalist Ramzan Dargah said that Hubballi, the land traversed by Siddaroodha Swami, Garagad Madiwalappa, Shishunal Sharief and Govind Bhatta, is always a land of communal harmony and brotherhood. However, of late, it has become communally sensitive because of politics. It is time that the people joined hands to wash off the blot on the city, he said.

Sarva Dharma Sara, a book by Ramzan Dargah, was released on the occasion.

Religious heads Gyani Major Singh and Reverend Gandhi Kakipati delivered discourses.

M.M. Joshi, Mahadev Horatti, C.S. Mehboob Pasha, Kariyappa Shirahatti were honoured on the occasion with Bhavaikya Ratna Award.

Chintamani Sindagi of the vedike welcomed the gathering, while Basavaraj Hullolli proposed a vote of thanks.


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