Panchamasali takes out rally in Gokak


Members of the Panchamasali meesalati horata samiti organised a rally in Gokak on Sunday to demand recategorisation of the Panchamasali community to 2A from 3B of the list of backward classes.

Basanagouda Patil Yatnal criticised some political families of monopolising electoral politics in Belagavi district. “Without naming the Jarkiholi brothers, he said that some Sahukar families were trying to concentrate power within their family members, without wanting to share it among others.

However, the BJP will not do that. It believes in equal opportunity. We will share power among all communities. If candidates from some communities are not able to win Assembly elections, they will be accommodated in the Legislative Council, he said. Some backward communities like Kurubas and Uppars have suffered injustice in Belagavi. We will not let that happen,’‘ he said.

Responding to threats by some Congress leaders that his rally would be disrupted if he used it to insult Satish Jarkiholi, Mr. Yatnal said he would not care for such threats. “If you have the power to attack me, I am not powerless either. You should realise that,’‘ he said.

Sri Basava Jaya Mrutyunjay Swami said over 25 lakh people will join the Panchamasali mega rally in Bengaluru on December 12. Successive governments have betrayed us. However, this will not continue in future, he said.


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