Miniature dhows from Beypore make their way to Qatar World Cup


The first batch of 750 models made by a team of 26 craftspersons has already reached the Gulf nation

The first batch of 750 models made by a team of 26 craftspersons has already reached the Gulf nation

As the world gears up for FIFA World Cup 2022, a group of 26 craftspersons from Beypore are on cloud nine as they craft 1,000 miniature dhows with the FIFA’s official design and logo which will be given as gifts. It is the first time that there is representation from Kerala in the merchandise category for the World Cup.

The miniature ‘uru’ (dhow) has been included as one of the 200 types of gifts, considering Qatar’s time-honoured trade relationship with India and its love for the Beypore-made dhows for tourism purposes. Craftspersons who have proved their mettle in making the dhows are behind the miniature versions too.

“We have already got the first batch of 750 products. The rest is likely to be completed in a week,” says Prakash Maroli, senior merchandise specialist at the Qatar Museums Authority, who heads the project. “All these miniature dhows are handmade using teak wood to display the dexterity of Beypore craftspersons,” he says.

Binu Kottayil Thirumadathil who worked as consultant for procuring the craft item from Kozhikode says the team has been involved in the project for over 70 days. “All these craft items are unique and they will be available as souvenirs, both offline and online, for soccer fans and players,” he adds.

Carpenters associated with the project say it is for the first time that they has received a bulk international order for making miniature dhows to be given away as gifts and souvenirs. There are many small-scale units engaged in large-scale production of different types of miniature dhows.

P. Gibin, the main craftsman who coordinates the project, says at least five hours would have to be invested for the completion of one miniature dhow. “Our team also has six women specialised in the craft. The product we make has a length of 28 cm and height of 26 cm,” says Mr. Gibin, who has over 15 years of experience in the field.

The upcoming traditional dhow festival in Qatar, part of festivities associated with the World Cup, will also feature a bigger replica of the traditional dhow crafted at Beypore. The dhow, crafted by four carpenters and four skilled workers using wood and coir fibre, is 7-ft wide and 6-ft tall.


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