kosovo: India dismisses all speculation of recognizing Kosovo following opening of private trade office


India on Friday dismissed all speculations of altering its position on recognizing Kosovo in the backdrop of opening of private entity India-Kosovo Commercial Economic Office.

In response to media queries regarding reports on the opening of the India-Kosovo Commercial Economic Office in New Delhi, the Official Spokesperson, Arindam Bagchi said. “It is reiterated that our position on Kosovo is well known, and there is no change in it.”

Sources indicated to ET that it appears that private entity or NGO India Kosovo Commercial-Economic Office has opened here but this has not received any recognition from the Indian government. This office may have received support from Kosovo authorities and may be an effort to attract Indian businesses to Kosovo.

India does not recognize Kosovo, which has seceded from Serbia and its position is similar to that of Russia.
India and Serbia share similar views regarding territorial integrity of each other’s country involving Kashmir and Kosovo issues. India and Serbia (as one of the successor states of Yugoslavia), as co-founders of Non-Aligned Movement, have traditionally enjoyed close partnership for decades. Serbia has been staunch supporter of India on the Kashmir issue.


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