Jacobites firm on legislation demand to end Church row


Metropolitan Trustee of the Jacobite Church Joseph Mor Gregorios has said the group is firm on its demand for a legislation to end the dispute within the Malankara Church.

He was speaking from the State capital after a combined meeting of the church factions convened by the Chief Secretary and attended by the Home and Law secretaries.

He said only a legislation could end the dispute over the ownership of churches and related institutions permanently and amicably but that the rival Orthodox group had objected to the Jacobite stance.

Legal cell chairman of the church Yuhanan Mor Mileteos, church lay trustee Shaji Chundayil, priest trustee Sleeba Paul Vattavelil, and church secretary Peter K. Elias represented the Jacobite Church during the discussions. The team was led by Mor Gregorios.

The State government had proposed legislation as a means to find a solution to settle the church dispute. The Supreme Court had ruled that no parallel administration would be allowed in the Malankara Church. Following the ruling, 56 churches had been taken over by the State and handed over to the Orthodox group. But there was significant tension as the churches were taken over using force.


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