constitution: Constitution empowers people as much as people empower the Constitution: Jagdish Mukhi


Assam Governor Prof. Jagdish Mukhi said one of the finest contributions of the framers of the Constitution is their step that the sovereignty of the nation is ultimately vested with the citizens of the country.

He said that India has the privilege of structuring, nurturing and sustaining the biggest democracy of the world. As such the constitution which is the guiding light of this biggest democracy should connect to the existence of every common man and reflect their aspirations.

Speaking at the celebrations of the Constitution Day at Raj Bhavan, Governor Prof. Mukhi said that since the Constitution of India is the lone source of strength to everybody in the country, it should be used as a guiding light to make the life of everybody more meaningful.

Stating the intrinsic relationship between the Constitution and the people, the Governor said that the Constitution empowers the people as much as the people empower the Constitution. When individuals and institutions ask what the Constitution has done for them and how it has built their capacities – they must also consider what they have done to uphold the Constitution. And what they have done to support its value system. The Constitution strengthens the people. At the same time people should also strengthen the Constitution with their actions every day.
The Governor also said that one of the finest contributions of the framers of the Constitution is their step that the sovereignty of the nation is ultimately vested with the citizens of the country. Therefore, the Constituent Assembly was of the firm belief that they have a claim to Fundamental Rights. However, Prof. Mukhi said that along with their rights, the citizens also have obligations towards the nation and the society in the form of Fundamental Duties. He, therefore, appealed to everybody to reflect more on fundamental duties included in the Constitution.

Prof. Mukhi also said that people of the country should be united to mobilize the public and generate massive awareness for fundamental duties. People’s movement is the strongest tool in a democracy. So, in Indian democracy also there should be large scale public opinion to motivate the people to perform fundamental duties.

The Governor said that the Indian Constitution is not rigid but a living document. The Constituent Assembly was conscious that the Constitution need to be inter-woven with new threads to accommodate new changes and people’s aspirations. As such, over the years, many amendments have been made to the Constitution by the Parliament, the Governor added.

Since, Constitution Day is celebrated every year to commemorate the adoption of Indian Constitution on 26 November, 1949 by the constituent Assembly, the Governor referring to Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi said that as a nation whatever is being done, attention must be made to ensure welfare of the people. He said that attributing every action to the welfare of the common man of India would be the greatest tribute to the framers of the Constitution and celebration of Constitution Day.

Member, Rajya Sabha and former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India Justice Ranjan Gogoi speaking on the occasion highlighted on the journey of the Constituent Assembly which was constituted to frame the Constitution for an Independent India. He said that it was a long drawn endeavour which encompassed the hard toil of the framers who gave the shape of the Constitution.

He said that when the framers of the Constituent Assembly drafted the Constitution, they mainly relied on the spirit of mutual trust. Moreover, they also wanted to make the philosophy of the Constitution everlasting. The Constitution framers were very far-sighted so they made provision of federal and unity character in the Constitution to accommodate specific requirements.


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