BA reference book says urine therapy can control diseases such as AIDS, cancer; academics ask how it was recommended


“Urine therapy is a part of naturopathy and diseases like AIDS, cancer, eye, ear, tooth, skin diseases can be controlled by drinking, coating urine…”

These are among the things described in a chapter of the reference book ‘Medical Sociology’ authored by retired professor K. Byrappa for the BA fifth semester ‘Medical Sociology’ paper of the University of Mysore (UoM) in accordance with the National Education Policy curriculum.

“Nature has given immunity to man in his body. Urine is that energy. There are details that yogis have been drinking urine for thousands of years. Information about this is available in ‘Shivambu Samhita’ Sanskrit literature,” the book says.

The reference book also talks about “cow urine treatment” and says that is believed to cure diseases such as cancer, migraine, asthma, arthritis, and diabetes. “When the eyes are washed with cow urine, the black spots around them will disappear,” it adds.

The book also mentions “sacred medicine, conch therapy, oil therapy, chutki therapy”, among others, and lists out diseases that can be cured by such treatments.

Prof. Byrappa told The Hindu that he was not consulted by either the university or the State Curriculum Development Board before his book was considered as a reference book for degree students. “I compiled this book for a publisher four years back. The things I described in the book are ancient and traditional methods of medicine. Those contents are not necessarily scientific. I will discuss with the university and request them not to propose my book as a reference book for degree students,” he said.

But educationists have asked how the book was recommended in the first place. Sripad Bhat, an educationist, said, “According to the State Sociology Curriculum Development Board, Sociology textbook for the fifth semester students of the UoM has not been finalised. But how is this reference book list circulating everywhere? How did the committee recommend this book? I urge the university to not propose such unscientific books as reference books.”

Responding to the controversy, H. Rajashekar, Vice-Chancellor (in charge), UoM, said, “I got the syllabus copy which is prescribed by the Board of Studies (BoS) and the reference book authored by Prof. Byrappa. But, we don’t know what the content is. However, the BoS is the statutory body and we don’t have any authority to remove any content which is finalised by them. If there is any dissent, they will send the note to the university concerned. Then, the university will discuss the dissent note. However, in this particular issue, nobody has sent any dissent note to the university. The syllabus will go to the academic council, and then to the Syndicate for approval.”


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